TV and Radio-Shows
Year Production/Show Part/ Activity
1994 RFI-Radio France International /Paris Radio-Presenter
1999-5 RFL-Television/Germany TV-Show-Host/TV-Presenter
1999-5 Sierra Coctel/Paris/France TV-Presenter, Author, Singer
2000-9 Radio 7/Munich Anchorwoman/Radio-Host
since 2000 Radio Dramas („La Mamma” etc.) different parts
since 1995 different TV show productions TV-Presenter
since 1995 international Film- & TV- productions actress, voice over, dubbing
since 2007

National and international events and congresses: presenter and expert for scientific topics (esp. psychology, medicine etc.) ICAAC 2011 Chicago, ICAAC 2010 Boston, Life Sciences Summit 2010 New York, ASCINA 2010 Vancouver, and many more.




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